Clean Brands is a multi-brand franchising company in the garment care space which includes dry cleaning, laundry, laundromats and all things garment cleaning!

Our mission to define “The Future of Dry Cleaning®” started in 2000 with the formation of Lapels® Dry Cleaning.  Lapels was founded on the principles of cleaning garments in the most environmentally friendly manner, within a high-end “boutique” style atmosphere. We aspire to bring successful, environmentally conscious entrepreneurs into what had been considered a tired industry and build a new breed of dry cleaning and laundry professionals.  We take local business owners – operating neighborhood cleaners – and back them with the power of an International Franchising arm that provides marketing and operations support to them.

In 2021, Lapels acquired Martinizing Dry Cleaning, Pressed4Time, 1-800-Dry-Cleaning, Dry Cleaning Station and BizzieBox.  These brands all share one common theme: To be recognized as the industry leader in garment care and to capitalize on the foundation that originated in 2000.  We look to leverage the size and scope of our footprint with Innovative technology and marketing initiatives that continue to grow our collective brands and redefine The Future of Garment Care!