Coming clean with all your garments. Lapels Dry Cleaning transitions its name to Lapels Cleaners

For more than two decades, Lapels Dry Cleaning (“Lapels”) redefined “The Future of Dry Cleaning” with its combination of utilizing the world’s only 100 percent environmentally non-toxic cleaning solvent -powered by GreenEarth® Cleaning—and its boutique storefront and local owner and operator engaged in the business. More than 20 years later as this combination has evolved, Lapels is transitioning to “The Future of Garment Care” with a name change to Lapels Cleaners.

“For decades, dry cleaners have gone out of their way to draw a line of distinction with garment cleaning based on what machine it goes in. When I first got started, I couldn’t understand why my dry cleaner was asking me if I wanted my shirt dry cleaned?” said Kevin Dubois, CEO and president of Clean Brands, franchisor for Lapels Cleaners. “Our next generation of customer wants convenience, and they are not focused on what machine we put their garments in. Whether it’s their polo shirt, suit or Lululeman pants, they just want someone reliable to clean them all in a professional and environmentally sound manner.”

“During the pandemic people realized it was time to quit the minimum wage task of spending weekends doing laundry” furthers Lapels Cleaners Chief Operating Officer David Grippi. “With the new name, we want to make it very clear to customers that they can come in with everything from their dress suits to their casual attire to their socks and underwear and Lapels Cleaners will provide the best cleaning solution that will have your clothes looking, feeling and smelling their best, while being cleaned in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.”

The name change represents another milestone for Clean Brands. In 2021, the franchisor and its equity partner, Greybull Stewardship, L.P. (“Greybull”), purchased Martinizing Dry Cleaning, 1-800-DryClean, Pressed4time, Dry Cleaning Station and Bizziebox. The intent was to scale a dry cleaning and laundry brand that could leverage its breadth of presence throughout the world to create brand partners as well as utilize technology to service the needs of the next generation of customer. The acquisitions made Clean Brands the largest garment cleaning company in the world, with 500+ stores in 40 states and nine countries.

“The acquisition was a game changer in terms of what we can offer our franchise owners and how that translates into more offerings and better services for our customers,” said Dubois, who is also the co-author of Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Dry Cleaning Business. “The merger gives us the collective purchasing power to significantly reduce operational costs for our franchises. For example, a Lapels Cleaners plant may provide the cleaning service for a 1-800-Dry-Clean operator.”

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Lapels Cleaners – Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Each Lapels Cleaners store offers a full slate of services, including same-day dry cleaning; shirt service; tailoring; wedding gown preservation; suede and leather processing; box storage and fur storage.

Lapels Cleaners has received a number of accolades in the franchise world. That includes being ranked again on the 2020 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list for the country’s top Franchise Systems. Entrepreneur’s “Franchise 500” is the best and most comprehensive rating of franchises in the world and is based on objective, quantifiable measures of a franchise operation. Lapels Cleaners has also been named to Franchise Times Top 200+.

Lapels has also achieved acclaim in the dry cleaning industry. Lapels Cleaners and Clean Brands CEO Kevin Dubois is the co-author of Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Dry Cleaning Business, sold on

Lapels Cleaners is part of Clean Brands, a franchisor for the largest cleaning company on the planet. Clean Brands’ holdings include: Lapels Cleaners (, Martinizing Cleaners (, 1-800-Dry Clean (, and Pressed4Time (

Clean Brands corporate offices are located at 711 5th Avenue South, Suite 210 in Naples, FL.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Clean Brands, contact Michael Eisner at [email protected] or 781-829-8780.